Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wall of Sand is an "artistic study of temptation and greed"

Wall of Sand is a compelling "artistic study of temptation and greed" according to The Lowell, the school newspaper that covered Within the Wall of Sand and its very own homegrown talent Kalson Chan and Benson Ma.

Written in the wake of the play's debut, the playwrights not only get a chance to speak about their process, and the themes in their play, but how they feel Threshold rendered the world and maintained their vision.

Benson says: “The synchrocity of the background music, acting gestures and lines could not have been better in bringing life out of our manuscript."

Kalson enthuses: “The actors were wonderful, almost exactly like how I envisioned them to be and the use of the ensemble and minimalist setting really added to the atmosphere of the play."

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