Sunday, May 29, 2011

In the Threshold This Summer!

Threshold is very excited to announce two new development projects in the works with Ben Fisher and Megan Cohen. Threshold is spending the summer thinking about information technology, governmental transparency, power, Martin McDonough, Pinter, domestic fables, absurdism, Durang, Churchill, female-centered narratives, dumplings and much much more! Look for these fantastic new plays to find their way to the stage in Spring and Summer 2012!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pure Baltic Avenue Rocks BOA!

Pure Baltic Avenue by Threshold associate artist Bennett Fisher and directed by Core Member Alex Curtis was a huge success at BOA X. A big thank you to cast members Nick Allen, Chris Quintos, Marie O'Donnell, Sam Richie, and Cooper Carlson for their delicious work!

The Huffington Post loved the play. You can read more about what cultural arts writer George Heymont had to say about it HERE

Nick Allen as "Irving," Cooper Carlson as "Breckenridge", and Chris Quintos as "Conway." Photo by Clay Robeson

Sam Richie as "Dewitt", Nick Allen as "Irving" and Cooper Carlson as "Breckenridge." Photo by Clay Robeson

It's all out "cele-fuckin-bration" at the end of the play. All cast members PLUS all of the cast members of BOA X rush the audience!

To see more pictures, please click HERE.
Photo by Clay Robeson.